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Blues Improvisation On An Open A Chord 5

A Few More Notes

You can change the overall feel of the improvisation by adding or changing a few notes in particular swapping a G note for an F# note and adding more C# notes and possibly a B note.

This makes the sound more "majory" - see my tutorial on major style blues for an in depth look at this concept [The Major Blues Style]

When improvising you can affect the sound you're creating as much by what you choose to leave out as what you choose to put in - quite often "less is more" so I wouldn't use all the notes outlined in the tab and diagram in one piece.

Remember we're improvising within a framework here so you don't need to play any of the ideas that I use - you can make up your own using the techniques described.

This applies particularly to rhythms so try as many different ones as you can and see what you can create.

Playing what you feel comfortable with rather than slavishly copying always sounds better - try to make it your own!

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