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Blues Lessons

Blues Slide Guitar - is a 23 lesson tutorial mostly with video it starts with the basics and works through to some complex slide pieces.

Blues Improvisation On An Open A Chord video lessons demonstrating a number of blues techniques around an open A chord - primarily acoustic but a lot of this works for electric as well.

Blues Improvisation On An Open E Chord video lessons as above but on an E chord.

The Blues Scale Explained a 2 part video explanation. Must see for anyone who has spent time on other lessons sites learning this scale.

The Major Blues Style
electric style lead guitar video lessons - an in depth look at the style of players such as Freddie King, B.B. King and Peter Green.
The use of scales and notes in these lessons is applicable to many different types of blues guitar.

Folk/Blues Fingerpicking is a series of video lessons looking at old style acoustic playing

Spicing Up Shuffle Rhythms is a single video lesson about blues style rhythm.

CC Rider is a single video lesson on simple chords and melody

Blues/R&B Rhythm Riff is a single soundfile lesson


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