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Other Stuff

This section contains some odds and ends - you will have to dig around to see if any of the lessons here are of interest.

Easy Chords And Melody

This tutorial primarily aimed at players who are starting out may be of interest to those who can already play a bit.

It contains a few different tunes that use easy open chords with added melody notes.

Using basic open chord shapes and adding a few notes can give beginners a sense of achievement by playing a recognizable tune - at the same time learning some new techniques.

Two soundfile lessons and three with video

Start the tutorial or use the menu below.

Using Your Left Hand Thumb - a useful tutorial for all round technique - no particular style.

Classic Surf Intro - single lesson with video

Basic Right-Hand Techniques - Fingerstyle - This is an excellent building block lesson for fingerstyle guitar of any type - single lesson with video.


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