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Easy Chords And Melody 4

In A Persian Market

Originally composed as an orchestral piece by Albert Ketelby in 1920 'In A Persian Market' was recorded as a guitar instrumental by American guitarist John Fahey.

This slightly simplified version uses fairly basic open chords with melody on top ( or sometimes underneath - the melody goes quite low ).

There is a fast run in bar 2 that may seem a bit hard - actually , with a bit of practice , its not nearly as hard as it looks. If you really can't get it you could leave it out for now and just fill the gap with strummed E minor - the tune still works

The only other slightly tricky bit is in bar 6 where you have to get a bottom G note while hitting the notes on the 3rd string followed by the open top string - note that here I'm just using my 3rd finger to get the G note and not holding down a proper G6 chord.

The last chord on the video is actually the first chord coming round again - in other words you can keep going and play these 8 bars as many times as you like.

If you find the Right-Hand technique I'm using here a bit daunting you can just strum your way through this piece as in the previous lessons - It will still sound fine.

However the thumb and finger technique is worth aquiring as it gives more control and once you get the hang of it it's as easy as strumming.

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