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Chords are a very important part of being a good guitar player.
Many players and styles have their own way of playing chords — Jazz 3 note voicings for example can sound very different to the conventional six string type.

BREAK FREE FROM "NORMAL" CHORDS is a tutorial demonstrating lots of different ways to get different sounding chords on guitar - not based on any particular musical style.
It may open up new possibilities, and broaden the scope of your chord playing.
It is not that you have to learn all these chords more that you learn to appreciate different ways of using chords and that if you learn enough theory you can make up your own shapes.

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" 5 " CHORDS — Most players are familiar with a two note bassy "five" power chord.
This tutorial looks at some other ways of playing these chords some in a more trebly style for the ultimate in jangly electric guitar chording.

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Break Free From "Normal" Chords

"Five" Chords

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