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Break Free from "Normal" Chords 1

This is an example of using unusual chord voicings to get a stronger sound.

The chord sequence is a fairly standard minor key descending loop.

| F#m / / / | E / / / | D / / / | C# / / / |

( the E and D chords are 6ths and the C# a 7sus4 to7th)

You could just strum or pick these as "normal" chords and get an approximation of the tune - but by using jazz style 3 note voicings you get a melodic line and the possibility of adding vibrato to the chords.

To start try an F#m7 barre chord at the 9th fret then remove the barre so your 1st finger just gets the note on the 5th string - see SHAPE 1 below,

then pinch strings 5 and 2 using R/H thumb and 2nd finger- follow with R/H finger 1 on the 4th string - back to R/H finger 2 on the 2nd string (this right hand pick carries on through the next two chords)

The first change is the only difficult thing in the piece but with practice isn't too bad - the chord is E6 - SHAPE 2 below - with your L/H 2nd finger at the 7th fret (E).

You then move this shape down two frets so your L/H 2nd finger is at the 5th fret (D)

Finally you leave your L/H little finger where it is and barre the 4th fret to get SHAPE 3 below - pinch R/H thumb + fingers 1 and 2 ( C#7sus4 ) then L/H little finger comes off to finger 3 a fret below ( C#7 ) or you can just move your little finger down a fret - whatever is easier for you.


With a bit of practice this is fairly easy to play. I used a nylon string guitar for the soundfile but it works fine on steelstring

The Tab


If you want to play along this is a looped version of the soundfile