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Break Free from "Normal" Chords 17

This is, amongst other things, a nice understated ending chord for the key of G.

Angle your third finger to touch and damp off the open 5th string.

Other fingerings are possible - I've shown the fingering I used to play the example.

In the example I'm playing melody on A minor followed by an arpeggio of the G add 9 chord finishing with a strum.

To play the example—
Hold down open A minor then add your little finger at the third fret 2nd string - pinch this note with open A to start.

Pull off and run down the chord till you get to the slide up -
then use the finger you slid up with ( finger 2 ) to get the note on the 2nd fret 3rd string.

Leave it there and then add the rest of the G add 9 chord.


The Tab