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Break Free from "Normal" Chords 3

This is a bossanova style chord sequence featuring a descending bassline.

I use my right hand thunb to get the bass notes and my first two fingers to get the chords - however, you could take a different approach and try selective strumming,fingerpicking or arpeggios - change the rhythm etc.

I tried putting this into a more "user friendly" key but it was no easier to play and didn't sound as good.

Actually playing in &unfriendly" keys is a good way to improve your technique on acoustic guitar.

The Gm6 chord in bar three I would usually play with my L/H 3rd finger getting the note on the 3rd string but using the 4th finger in this case makes the change to the next chord easier


The Tab


If you want to play along this is a looped version of the soundfile