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Easy Chords And Melody 3

Gymnopedie No.1

This piece was originally written for piano by Erik Satie - you may have heard it in movies or adverts where it has been used to provide " ambience " - Satie is sometimes described as the originator of Ambient Music.

I have simplified it very slightly for guitar - as there are only two chords it is really easy to play but you must be aware that this piece is in 3/4 time - i.e. there are 3 beats in each bar.

To start play the bottom note of the Fmaj7 chord counting "one" then play the rest of the chord counting "two - three" - and so on.

Once you have the basic feel of the 3 beats the rest of the tune should fall into place fairly easily.

After playing the tune bit the whole chord comes in [ bar 9 ] on the first beat of the bar - here you just count "one - two - three " for each chord.

You can keep playing these two chords for a bit then go into the tune again.

Notice that in bar 7 I don't put the whole Fmaj7 chord down straightaway but leave the 1st finger off to accommodate the melody at this point.

The Tab