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Easy Chords And Melody 1

Based on the tune " Unchained Melody " this piece uses simple open chords with the left hand little finger ( pinky ) adding melody notes ( marked (4) below tab ).

The chords are C, Am, Fmaj7 and G

You will need to practice strumming the chords selectively.

Start your strum on the bottom note of each chord and finish it on the string where the melody note is (this varies from chord to chord) - so for instance the first chord is a C strummed from the 5th string to the 2nd string.

Important note on open G - To play this piece easily you need to play open G with your 3rd finger getting the bottom note on the 6th string, 2nd finger on the 5th string and your little finger on the top string - see the pic - if you're not used to playing G like this now is the time to learn !


Try to keep the open chords held down and ringing while you are adding the melody notes

The Tab

If you want to play along this is a looped version of the soundfile