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Basic Right-Hand Techniques - Fingerstyle

This lesson is all about getting your right hand used to doing something other than just strumming.

This is an excellent building block technique for fingerstyle guitar of any type.

The main object of these exercises is to get your right hand thumb to habitually play the bottom note of any chord.

By bottom note I meanroot note which could be found on any of the bottom three strings depending on the chord
- e.g. the root of open D is the 4th string open - the root of open Em is the 6th string open.
The root note is always the same as the name of the chord - i.e. chord = A minor - Root note = A.

The right hand indications on the tab follow this system:-
T = Thumb
I = Index or 1st finger
M = Middle or 2nd finger.

You need to practice these exercises plenty of times to build up the idea of thumb and fingers working independently.

The Tab