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The Major Blues Style - 11

Some Lower Notes

This lesson looks at some of the lower notes I might use in this style.

I have avoided using some of the open strings that I would probably use in this A major key as we should be able to transpose these notes into any key.

Example 1 - is showing a whole tone bend at the 4th fret.

Example 2 - shows a semitone bend at the same fret.

Example 3 - shows the slide from fret 4 to fret 7.

Example 4 -shows the 4 note minor pentatonic box on the bottom 2 strings plus the major note C#.

Example 5 - shows how I move my hand position to switch between boxes(use the fingering shown).

Example 6 - shows the lower notes being played at fret 7 on the 4th and 5th strings.