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The Major Blues Style - 2

Adding some C sharp notes

C# is the most important note to add to make your improvisation sound "majory"

- It is the MAJOR note in the Key of A

Remember we're adding notes to a standard A MINOR Pentatonic scale.

Example 1 - Practice going down A minor pentatonic with the added C# note until it becomes second nature.This is fairly central to this style.

Example 2 - make sure you are bending up a whole tone from B to C# - if you are really used to playing minor pentatonic all the time this may feel a bit strange but persevere to get that strong major note every time you want it.

There will be more on semitone bends later on in this tutorial.

Example 3 is one of my favourite licks in this style - I have loads of variants all ending with a duck down to the low C# and then ending on the higher A.

Example 4 is the phrase played at the end of the video.

The Tab