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The Major Blues Style - 3

Adding some F sharp notes

This lesson looks at some ways to add the F# note to the standard A minor pentatonic.

Example 1 - looks at adding this note when on the A part of the sequence.

The E to F# to A routine should be practiced both as a plucked note and as a hammer-on

Example 2 - is a high E note bent up to F# (in theory there are lower E notes that could be bent to F# but I never seem to do that in this style ).

Also a phrase ending on F # at the 11th fret on the 3rd string ( more on this later ).

Example 3 - shows a chromatic run up to a held F# while we're on the D part of the sequence.

F# is a strong note when we're on a D chord.

Think D7 even if the chord is a straight D - this gives another strong note C - I like to use this F# to C quite a lot on this part of the sequence.

Example 4 - is a simple semitone bend from F# to G followed by a phrase using this bend.

The Tab