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Guide To Harmonics 3

Natural Harmonics: G#


By dividing the string length of the bottom E string into 5 parts we can get the note G#.

These 5th divisions occur at fret 4 , fret 9 and fret 16.

All these positions give exactly the same harmonic [ G# 4 ].

There is also one at the 4/5ths position ( not shown above but halfway between fret 16 and the saddle )

By subdividing to 1/10 of string length you might be able to squeeze out a G# 5 ( an octave higher ) harmonic just below the 2nd fret [ halfway between the nut and 4th fret ]

You should not expect these harmonics to be perfectly in tune with a fretted G# note nor should you use any of these harmonics for tuning purposes.

The first three natural harmonics make an E major triad E - B - G#.

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