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Guide To Harmonics 5

Natural Harmonics: - Full list bottom E


This is a re-cap of the previous four lessons with a complete diagram of the natural harmonics found on the bottom E string up to the 12th fret.

I have also put a soundfile with each of these harmonics being played on acoustic guitar - starting at the 12th fret and going down the neck but leaving out the duplicate G# found at fret 9.

So the series played is ;

E3 — B4 — E4 — G#4 — B5 — D5 — E5 — F#5 — G#5

For my own amusement I decided to mix all these recorded harmonics to get a chord [ should be an E9 ].
The result is the last sound on the file - which shows just how much of a vibrating string is made up of harmonics.