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Guide To Harmonics 8

Pinch Harmonics: 2

Having achieved a pinch harmonic in the way described in the last lesson you can go on to find what I call "random screamers"

This is where you're not trying to get a specific harmonic by pinching an octave above where you're fretting but randomly getting notes to scream out.

This is probably the way a pinch harmonic is most often used.

In the video example I play a riff in the A pentatonic box at the 5th fret then my right hand moves up and down the length of the string in the pickup area trying to find the right spot for a random harmonic to come out.

Having found one you then try to memorize your right hand position - so in the example I might think - when I play the A note on the 4th string there's a harmonic about an inch to the right of my neck pickup.

You have to experiment a lot to find the places on your guitar where these random screamers are most likely to come out.

One good thing about this technique is that if you go for a harmonic and it fails to come out it will usually still sound OK.

The tab is a rough outline of what I'm playing in the video.

The Tab

This soundfile is another example of a "random screamer"( the last note )