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Lead Improvisation Spanish Style 4

Step 4 Using The Scales

For some chord sequences you might get away with using just one of the two scales ( see lesson 1 ) exclusively but normally you have to switch between the two scales depending on which part of the sequence you are on.

In this example I have recorded a basic A minor run down chord sequence

| Am / / / | G / / / | F / / / | E / / / |

and then improvised some lead over the top.

I have tabbed out the lead line for reference but the point is not to learn what I have played but to improvise your own lines using the techniques already discussed.

I have put a second soundfile, with the chords only, for you to play along with.

Let's look at the four chords.

On A minor either scale is O.K.

On G use the Natural Minor only.

On F either scale is O.K.

On E use the Harmonic Minor only.

Basically if the chord has a G note in it use the Natural Minor and if the chord has a G# note in it use the Harmonic Minor - for all other chords either scale is O.K. (experience and taste ultimately tell you which to use )

Like many areas of music there are no hard and fast rules here but avoid having a G note and a G# note together in the same phrase - use one or the other.

I personally like to use the harmonic minor quite a lot and switch to the natural minor when it is required - but again this would very much depend on the actual sequence.

The Tab

The chords to play along with