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Lead Improvisation Spanish Style 6

Step 6 Learn Some Arpeggios

Arpeggios can add some different texture to your lead lines so it's a good idea to learn as many different ones as you can. ( more on chords in the next lesson ) Add them sparingly though, the examples on the soundfile are just for demonstration and I wouldn't normally put so many together in one passage.
The soundfile uses the same four chord loop as lesson 4 (Am,G,F,E) played twice.

I have improvised over the top using each chord arpeggiated plus (sometimes) an added 9th note and a trill.
(note that for the E chord the added 9th is actually a flat9th [F])

The second half of the soundfile uses different inversions of G,F and E.

I have put a second soundfile with just the chords for you to play along with

The Tab

The chords to play along with