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Rock Riff - 1

Basic Rock n Roll Riff for Beginners

A slightly simplified version of an old riff known as the Peter Gunn riff.

Useful as an exercise in using all four left hand fingers.

All the notes are played on one string - position your left hand over the bottom string with your first finger at the second fret and then use the other fingers - one for each fret above the second taking you up to fret five.

It is best to practice slowly to begin with - get all the notes right then speed up.

Use all up strokes with your right hand (until you've mastered it - then use all downstrokes to get some extra practice - then maybe up and down strokes alternately)

This riff uses Eighth notes - count - | 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and |

Two complete riffs are tabbed out. The soundfile plays the riff once slowly then four times at the proper speed.

The Tab