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Rock Riff - 12


This is the chord based intro to the David Bowie song "Ziggy Stardust"

There are three main chords,as shown below.

chord box

The first chord is a nice ringy open G5 ( a "5 chord" contains just a root note, G in this case, plus a 5th, D in this case )

You have to stop the 5th string from sounding.

The way to do this is to touch the 5th string with your 2nd finger which is getting the G note on the 6th string.

Play each note one at a time from bottom to top - you should hear; G, dead noise, D, G, D, G.

The second time you hit this chord you have to stop it dead using your right hand.

The second chord is the tricky bit - but a great workout for your little finger.

You have to play an open D chord using your 1st finger barring the top three strings and your 3rd finger getting the note on the second string.You then go:- on - off - on - off with your little finger to play the phrase.

When your little finger is "on" the chord is Dsus4 - when it's "off" the chord is D major.

The third chord Cadd9 is fairly straightforward - just make sure you avoid the bottom and top strings and get it to ring for a whole bar.

Notice that your 3rd finger stays on the same note throughout, try to keep it there while the other fingers move around it.

The Tab