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Rock Riff - 17

Jumpin' Jack

Great chordal riff from the Rolling Stones track " Jumping Jack Flash "

To start you need to have your 1st finger holding down the 3 notes at fret 2 ( strings 3, 4 and 5 )

You need to keep this position throughout - make sure all three notes are coming out.

You then put your 3rd finger on the 4th string 4th fret and you're ready to go.

The riff is achieved by taking this finger on and off.

- Your right hand should attack the strings as pairs ( 5 & 4 or 4 & 3 ) The note in brackets (2) is still ringing from the last hit but you're not trying to hit it on this beat.

I have tabbed out one complete riff.

The soundfile has the riff played 4 times.

The Tab