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Rock Riff - 19

Last Time

Try to get to listen to the early Rolling Stones song " The Last Time "to hear how this great lead guitar riff powers the track along.

In true riff style it just keeps on repeating throughout the verse.

I'd tried to play this riff many times since the tune first came out - but could never work out how the last six notes were being played ( none of my many guitarist friends could get it either )

I finally cracked it with the realisation that the riff is played around the 7th fret but bouncing off OPEN strings - So simple and very cunning ! ( hats off to Brian Jones who's riff I think this is )

Start with a slide - I've put the fingering under the tab - then two fretted notes followed by a jump across to the top string open - Then we get this big hammer-on ( HO ) from the open string to fret 9 - use just one righthand pluck for both notes ( you may need to practice this a bit if you're not already used to hammering on )

Having then played the next fretted note move your hand down 1 fret ready for the next hammer-on. This time you have to jump over a string to get the note after this hammer-on

Practice this second bar slowly at first with the count 1 & 2 - - 3 & 4 ( with the &s being the hammered notes )

On the soundfile I have played the riff twice on its own followed by twice with the chords to give you the flavour.

The chords are above the tab so you can learn this bit as well.

The Tab