Slide Guitar 17
Baby Please Don't Go

More in the G major Tuning

Baby Please Don't Go is a traditional blues tune - check out the (possibly original) version by Big Joe Williams.

I have adapted it for slide using a rhythm fill followed by slide melody technique.

It stays on a G chord throughout I get the rhythm going first then build up to a stop which introduces the melody.

I use octaves to get the rhythm part - using my L/H fingers 2 and 3; firstly on the bottom and 4th plus the 5th and 3rd strings and then the 4th and top.

I have tabbed out the octave notes for clarity but I am strumming not picking at this point so open string notes are added to the mix at some points.

This octaving technique is generally a useful thing to learn,it can be used for turnarounds as well as rhythm fills.

The slide melody is fairly precise - uses the 3rd fret and open strings a lot and the 5th fret occasionally.

The Tab