Theory Made Easy 3

One More Chord

In the previous two lessons we established six chords in the key structure of C Major.

This chord, B Minor flat 5 , completes the set.


In classical theory this chord would be known as a diminished triad - I think it is preferable to think of it as a Minor flat five to avoid confusion with a full Diminished chord.

In a pop/rock context this chord is not much used.

The only example I can think of is the Gary Moore/Thin Lizzy tune 'Parisian Walkways'.

It is used in jazz , latin , classical and old style songwriting ( showtunes etc. ).

In a pop/rock context the chords commonly used on a B bass note in the Key of C Major would be G with a B note at the bottom ( G/B ) or C Major seventh with B at the bottom ( Cmaj7/B )

The Complete Set of Chords in the Key of C In scale order ;

C Major(I) - D Minor(II) - E Minor(III) - F Major(IV) - G Major(V) - A Minor(VI) - B Minor b5(VII)


Work out all seven chords in another key and play them in scale order.