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Lead Improvisation Spanish Style 10

Playing In Other Keys

I have concentrated on the key of A minor in this tutorial, up till now, as it is a good starting point to learn the style. However ultimately you should be able to play in any key.

I suggest that to start on this you should try and transpose all the information about chords and scales into the key of E minor ( probably the second most common key )

I am assuming that having got this far into the tutorial you will be able to do this for yourself - here are a few tips:-

The "3 chord trick" for this key is - Em - Am - B

If you analyze all the notes within these three chords you will find the scale of E Harmonic Minor

The relative major to E minor is G major - G major has the same notes as E Natural Minor.

I have put diagrams of some lesser known chords in this key - The note in brackets on the B7b9 can be played but I hardly ever do. I prefer to leave my 4th finger free to add melody notes as in the example on the soundfile.

The soundfile is just an example of improvised fills around the three chord trick in E minor

Try improvising some fills yourself using the three chords shown below plus open E minor

Different keys open up different possibilities of rolls, fingering patterns,arpeggios etc. More on this in the next lesson.


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