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Lead Improvisation Spanish Style 11

E Harmonic Minor

The point of this lesson is to introduce a slightly unusual fingering technique for the Harmonic Minor.

Step 1 learn the pattern shown below


Step 2 - Read the tab paying particular attention to the left hand fingering beneath the notes.

I am starting this run at the position above the 7th fret position and then 'walking' down and across using just the 1st and 2nd fingers.

This may seem a bit odd but trust me - this way of playing the scale gets your hand into the right position for each string.Once you get used to this fingering you can use the same '1 2 4' fingering on the top 5 strings in various ways.

I find that thinking in terms of hand position rather than scale 'boxes' is useful for this particular scale.

Once you have this learned up don't make the mistake of thinking this is the only way to finger this position - I use it a lot but I will also employ other fingerings to get different effects.

The Tab