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Lead Improvisation Spanish Style 12

More on E Harmonic Minor

This is another good position for harmonic minor - there are lots of 'twiddling' possibilities in this little pattern.


Obviously there are other notes that I could have added to make a complete 'box' at this position but I find just using the notes mapped out above gives a consistent 1-2-4 fingering which is nice and fluent and easy to remember - (use your 4th finger for all notes at fret 7, 2nd finger for all notes at fret 5, 1st finger for all notes at fret 4.)

The root note for this pattern is where your 4th finger is on the 5th string - so to play this same pattern in A minor you would put your little finger on the 12th fret 5th string.

I have improvised some runs using just this pattern and fingering.

You can hear this on the soundfile which is also tabbed out.

The Tab