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Lead Improvisation Spanish Style 13

Some Tips

If like me you're coming to this style from being fairly accomplished in other types of playing here are a few tips;

* Don't expect your favourite runs,licks or noodles to work in this style - find some new ones !

* It's very tempting if, like me, you have a blues/rock background to bend notes. Resist the temptation - bent notes sound out of keeping in this style.

* The same goes for a heavy Rock style vibrato - on steel string use vibrato sparingly and keep it 'narrow'

* Stick to the scales. Chromatic runs don't really work here and accidental notes are rarely used.

One of the exceptions to this is illustrated by the soundfile. It is a phrase in E minor using a b5 note ( the b5 note is an accidental that can be used occasionally ) followed by a Chromatic phrase also using a b5 :- I have marked the b5 notes * on the tab and put the fingering I use under the tab ( other fingerings are possible ).

The Tab