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Rock Riff - 8


Two riffs for the price of one!

From the intro to the Johnny Kidd and the Pirates classic "Shakin' All Over" we have a lead riff and a backing riff.

Both are quite easy to play.

Let's start with the lead riff - it's in an open E pentatonic scale. You're basically going down the scale and back up one for the last note.

This last note is on the first beat of bar two - but importantly the riff does not start on the first beat of the first bar but half a beat after - wait till you hear the first beat then straight in with the riff.
Timing is everything!

- There's a two bar count from the last note ( play that note then count 2 3 4 /1 2 3 4 /1 and straight back in )

The first note is a pull off, all the rest are plucked.

You could play this riff all with one finger or with the first and second fingers (left hand) - use what feels best to you.

The Tab

I've put a separate soundfile for the rhythm riff so that once you've mastered the lead riff you can play along to hone your timing.

The Rhythm riff is all Eighth notes (count 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &. )and just requires a bit of right hand damping.You can practice playing the lead riff over this rhythm riff

Two bars of the soundfile are tabbed out.

The Tab