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Rock Riff - 9

Whole Lotta

From the Led Zeppelin track "A Whole Lotta Love" this riff uses the E pentatonic scale at the 7th fret.

To start slide up to the 7th fret on the bottom string using your 3rd finger.

This is a quick slide which starts around the 5th fret - where you start the slide is not important - where you stop is.

Practice sliding from any fret to the one you want.

The notes marked * have to be bent slightly - just pull your 1st finger towards the top string.

Use your 1st finger to get the notes on fret 5 - your 3rd finger then gets the note at the 7th fret 5th string which is played along with the bottom string open - make sure you leave the bottom string clear to ring out.

Put a bit of right hand muting on these notes
and finally try to put a bit of an accent on the main beats marked ( ^ ) under the score. .

The Tab