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Slide Guitar 3
- The Main Positions

There are five main positions in the first octave
(they are repeated in the second octave - this will be explored in a later lesson )

These are :-

Open strings = Root = D

Third fret = minor 3rd = F

Fifth fret = fourth = G

Seventh fret = fifth = A

Twelth fret = octave = D

A typical twelve bar blues can be played using either the open strings or the 12th fret position for the first 4 bars

5th fret position for 2 bars

open or 12th for 2 bars

7th fret for 1 bar

5th fret for 1 bar

- then 2 bars open or a 2 bar turnaround. (We will look at turnarounds later).

Play this sequence a lot as it is the basis of lots of blues slide tunes.

For the moment practice this sequence as just chords sliding up to each one for the first beat of each bar (except of course for the open position - just strum these )

In future lessons we will be putting some melody on these chords so it is important that you practice until the positions become automatic.

We will also look at the position at the third fret.

The tab