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Slide Guitar 4
- Basic 12 Bar - Dust My Blues

This piece uses the slide at the twelfth fret to play the main riff followed by a strum on the open strings for 3 beats.

This covers 2 bars in all - this section then repeats to give the first four bars on a D chord.

We then get a shuffle rhythm at the fifth fret for two bars on a G chord.(using L/H fingers one and three)

Note - if you are using the slide on a finger other than your pinky you may not be able to play this - in which case just strum the rhythm here.

Repeat the first two bar riff for two bars on a D chord.

The slide gets an A chord at the seventh fret for one bar - followed by :-

The slide at the fifth fret giving a G chord for one bar.

Finally a two bar rundown ( using L/H 1st finger ) followed by a seventh fret chord which leads back to the beginning.

This is called the Turnaround.

The tab