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Slide Guitar 5
- The Third Fret Position

Here are two short riffs to illustrate two ways of playing the third fret

The first example is a "Boogie Chillun" style riff and uses the chord directly over the third fret (as well as the open and fifth).

The Boogie Chillun style riff

The second example is a more lead style riff which hits a "blues" note at the third fret

- to get this note put the slide slightly below the third fret (about halfway between frets 2 and 3) and then slide up to above the third fret (about halfway between frets 3 and 4)

These notes are marked on the tab with an arrow and a quarter tone

- the tab has the same phrase played first on the 4th string then on the top string (you can also play it on the bottom string)

This sharpening of the minor third note so that its between minor and major is a key characteristic of many blues styles

Sharpening the 3rd fret note tab